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Carboard Suppliers

We use a SFI Certified Sourcing Program

Our vendor purchases of Containerboard used in the production of the Cartons and Displays are coordinated by the Roll Stock Purchaser/Scheduler. Weber Display and Packaging purchases fiber from paper suppliers that are SFI Certified.

The Roll Stock Purchaser/Scheduler has documented that 95% of the Company’s paper inputs are sourced from responsible sources, including certified organizations that meet the land management and/or wood procurement requirements of the SFI and CSA Standards, as well as facilities that source 100% of their raw material from recycled products.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Label Suppliers

FSC Forrest Stewardship Council

Certification which relates to our paper suppliers that they are harvesting trees in a responsible manner, planting new trees and not stripping forests. Also deals with the chain of custody from harvesting the trees, to the pulp manufacturing process, to the actual making of the paper and then transporting to our facility.

Forest Stewardship Council