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At Cento Fine Foods, we understand the ever-evolving food world and the growing desire to know more information than ever about the food you buy, including where it’s from and how it was produced. In support of our full transparency initiative and commitment to quality and safety, we created PAC Traceability for Find My Field, which brings traceability to a number of our tomato products. Using the lot code on each can and Google Earth, you can now view the field in the area known as Sarnese Nocerino in the Campania region of Italy where your tomatoes were grown. Find My Field allows us to guarantee the authenticity of our tomatoes, ensure that our strict set of production practices have been followed, and improve our overall quality control and quality assurance processes.

Our San Marzano tomatoes are certified by a third-party agency that ensures the proper seed varietals and correct growing locations of our tomatoes. This certification combined with our quality assurance measures and production methods delivers superior quality from seed to shelf.

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PAC Traceability

PAC, or Product Attribute Certification, was created to verify the traceability and sustainability standards and practices by consumer food companies. Consumers seek more information than ever about where their food came from and how it was produced. Tracing a specific attribute of a product to the precise location is the type of information PAC provides. Our mission is to certify the geographical connection of attributes to products. Traceability that connects the consumer to each stage of the supply chain provides transparency and promotes consumer confidence and loyalty.

Pac Traceability

Trace Register

Trace Register allows us to electronically connect specific lot data with product available to consumer, certifying our traceability standards and ensuring they have been properly met. Cento partnered with Trace Register to showcase our Certified San Marzano Tomatoes, and through Trace Register and Find My Field, consumers can trace their cans of Cento Certified San Marzano Tomatoes back to the field where their tomatoes were grown.

Trace Register

Certified by an independent E.U. approved US accepted third-party agency under UNI EN ISO 22005:20008 for supply chain and product traceability. ISO is an independent, non-governmental, international organization not affiliated with any consortium, agency or DOP/PDO.