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POSTED FEB 7, 2022

Prepping Pasta

Salting the Water

Salting pasta can seem like a simple thing to do but is a crucial part to making or breaking your pasta dish. If you add too much salt you risk oversalting your dish but if you under salt, you are at risk of losing key flavors. General rule of thumb is to add about 2 teaspoons of salt per quart of water.

Cooking Pasta

When cooking pasta, there is no set time. Each pasta cooks at a different time and fresh pasta cooks faster than dried. Make sure you have a pot big enough so the pasta can flow freely while being cooked. When draining your pasta, keep some of the pasta water saved to the side so you can moisten your pasta if needed later on.

Sauce Can Make All The Difference

Pasta sauce comes in a variety of thickness each for a different purpose. Most sauces can be broken down into just a few categories.

  • Thick Sauces
  • Thin Sauces
  • Hearty Sauces
  • Creamy Sauces
  • Meaty Sauces

Maurizio Artisan Pasta

Top 8 Pasta Cuts You Need to Know

Long Cut



Mini + Soup Cuts


Spiral Cuts

Tubular Cuts

Unique Shapes

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