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The most popular variety of panforte is “Panforte Margherita” named after Queen Margherita after she received it as a gift from the people of Siena. This version is sweeter and easily identified by the white icing sprinkled on top. Known to be delicate and soft this is the most common panforte you will find today. Panforte Nero is a darker variation dusted with cocoa powder. This variation usually has a slightly bitter flavor. This is caused by the use of caramelized sugar.

History of Panforte

Panforte is an Italian confection that has been enjoyed in Italy since medieval times. This “strong bread” is traditionally nine inches in width and about half an inch thick. A cross between fruitcake, candy and honey cake, this treat uses a small amount of “00” flour to hold the fruit and nuts together. Bold spices, sticky fruits and nuts are the main ingredients to a panforte. Traditionally panforte was known as a delicacy for nobles and the upper class. In the early 1200’s servants and settlers would present panforte to the nuns and monks of the monastery of Montecelso near Siena, Italy. Today panforte is traditionally served around Christmas time, but can be enjoyed year round.

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Click to explore each brand and learn more about our lines of Ferrara, La Florentine, and Bellino torrone. Ferrara preserves the rich history and tradition of torrone by making it from only the finest ingredients, which produces a delicious confection free of artificial colorings and preservatives. La Florentine’s combination of retro packaging and classic flavors evoke a sense of nostalgia for old-world Italy and traditional confections of past generations. Bellino Premium Italian line of specialty torrone is produced using only premium ingredients and a recipe that has been passed down throughout the years, producing a classic Italian treat.

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