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POSTED MAR 30, 2021

Starting with the Dough

A dough ball doesn’t necessarily have to make ONLY pizza. You can make flatbreads, stromboli, focaccia, and so much more! We’ve put Chef Cento to work, making some of his favorite recipes that all got their start as a simple ball of dough. We invite you to try them out with your family and friends. You’re guaranteed to enjoy making them just as much as they will enjoy eating them!

Dough Prep

Customizable Mini Calzones

A calzone is a traditional Italian oven-baked folded pizza, often known as a ‘turnover’, originating in Naples, Italy during the 18th century. What sets a calzone apart from the beloved Stromboli is how they are sealed. Stromboli’s are always rolled and sealed at both ends. A calzone is folded in half and the edges are crimped to keep the calzone from opening up. Chef Cento has put together a guide for you to make your own delicious calzones.

For the calzones, the main component is our Cento Pizza Dough Ball recipe, which will yield three 5 oz dough balls. Roll out each ball into an 8 inch diameter, two or three times until a flat circle is formed. The next step is filling the calzones with some of Chef Cento’s favorite ingredients. Once the desired ingredients have been added, fold over half of the calzone so the ingredients are covered and gently pinch the edges to create a seal. Finally, bake for about 25 minutes at 400°F and you’ll be left with three golden crispy, delicious calzones.

Cento's Pizza Dough Ball

Prep Time: 20 minutes • Yields: 3 Calzones


Pizza Dough Ball


Mix flour and salt together and add to a mixing bowl. Create a well in the center and pour water into the well. Add the sugar and yeast to the water and mix within water. Gradually mix flour into the water in small increments and as the dough begins to form, take it out of the bowl and continue to work it by hand on a floured surface. If the dough is too sticky, add flour in small increments until the dough no longer sticks to your hands or the kneading surface. Knead the dough thoroughly until it becomes smooth, then place a small amount of extra virgin olive oil on the bottom of a bowl and place the dough into the bowl. Cover with plastic wrap, and leave it out about 20 minutes or until the dough has completely risen. To tell if the dough is fully risen, make a small indentation in the center. If the indentation does not rise, the dough is ready.

Chef Cento’s Mini Calzone Favorites

Chef Cento created 8 unique types of calzones in his kitchen. Click on each one for inspiration as you create your mini calzones.










Time to eat your own handmade mini calzones! If you enjoyed this recipe be sure to check out all the great Chef Cento recipes we have available.