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POSTED MAY 19, 2021

Featured Chef

Hope Cohen

Hope Cohen’s culinary work as a chef, author, restaurant/food/media consultant has earned her the reputation of one of Philadelphia’s gastronomic movers and shakers. She has been featured in the “Vanguard” section of Philadelphia Style magazine, the food section of the Philadelphia Inquirer and The Daily News, and has graced the covers of chic mags Main Line Today and Real Philly. BMW, N.A. has nabbed her for national print advertising and Southwest Airlines followed suit, offering her a role in several nationally televised commercials. Recognizing the value of her on-air persona, national telemarketing giant QVC has sought out her on air charisma for an assortment of companies cooking + kitchen related products for the past 7+ years. She is a recurring on air guest for Fox, NBC and KYW.

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Chef Hope

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Roasted Red Pepper
Dipping Sauce

GF Penne with Peas, Prosciutto & Parmesan