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POSTED June 9, 2020

A Rich History

Bread has been a symbol of life since ancient times, used as the center piece for many celebrations and served in small baskets at family dining tables everywhere. The Greeks introduced the Romans to the art of baking leavened bread around 4,000 years ago, through the use of yeast. Bakers were considered important members of society in ancient Rome since bread was so important for nutrition and religion. To this day, bread has become ingrained in the Italian diet.

Anna Tipo 00 Flour

High quality flour is the most important ingredient for making dough. Our dough ball recipe features Anna TIPO “00” Flour. What is a “00” flour? Well, Italian flours are graded by the ash content of the flour, and how fine and coarse the flour is. For example, TIPO “0” flour compared to TIPO “00” flour is less refined and darker than the TIPO “00” flour grains. “TIPO” simply means “type”. Our Anna TIPO “00” Flour is a very fine and soft flour, tailored for high temperature ovens for pizza making. Not only is it our top choice for pizza making but can also be used for other baking recipes.

Endless Possibilites

A dough ball doesn’t necessarily have to make ONLY pizza. You can make flatbreads, stromboli, focaccia, and so much more! We’ve put Chef Cento to work, making some of his favorite recipes that all got their start as a simple ball of dough. We invite you to try them out with your family and friends. You’re guaranteed to enjoy making them just as much as they will enjoy eating them!