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POSTED JAN 9, 2019

What Makes A Pasta Worth More?

Have you ever asked yourself why some pasta brands are more expensive than others? Certain brands, like Maurizio Artisan Pasta, go through a very time honored process, setting it apart from the rest. The amount of time spent producing this product ensures a quality and great tasting pasta for you, the consumer.

The Artisan Difference

Maurizio Artisan Pasta is produced using durum wheat semolina from the Campania region of southern Italy. The dough used in Maurizio Artisan Pasta is steadily, slow-kneaded to provide a smooth and elastic quality. The steady kneading ensures the perfect consistency and color, not overworked or overheated, resulting in a more noticeable texture when finished.

Maurizio Artisan Pasta

Dried To Perfection

The shaped pasta is slowly and carefully dried at low temperatures, to maintain rough texture. Industrial pasta makers use high temperatures to quickly dry their pasta, limiting the texture. Due to these slow, traditional methods, Maurizio is a premium quality, artisan pasta ready to be served at your dinner table with your favorite sauce recipe.

Maurizio Artisan Pasta