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Artisan Pasta

Maurizio Artisan Pasta is produced from the finest durum wheat semolina in the Campania region of southern Italy. For centuries, bronze die pastas have been widely regarded as the finest pastas and Maurizio Artisan Pasta is no exception. Artisan pasta differs from industrial pasta in three ways: the flour, the dies and the drying times.

The Flour

Dough in Hands

The dough for Maurizio Artisan Pasta is made from the finest durum wheat semolina and steadily hand-kneaded to provide a smooth and elastic quality. The steady kneading ensures the dough is the perfect consistency and color, not overworked or overheated. Durum wheat semolina is a hard wheat that is high in protein. This means it absorbs more water and breaks down more starch as the pasta cooks for a better texture and more cohesive dish. The dough is then carefully pressed through traditional bronze dies, resulting in a uniquely rough texture that allows for a porous surface that aids in maximum sauce absorption.

The Pasta Dies (Extruders)

The pasta dies, or pasta extruders, are the molds used to create different pasta cuts. Using bronze dies instead of the industrial Teflon dies results in a rough textured, permeable surface, whereas the Teflon dies result in a smooth surfaced pasta that doesn’t absorb as much sauce and releases most of its starch into the water.

The Drying Process

Pasta Hanging

The newly shaped pasta is then slowly dried at low temperatures perfected by years of pasta artisans, resulting in the formation of the characteristic outer surface crust. Industrial pasta makers use high temperatures to quickly dry their pasta, which alters the characteristics, flavor and texture of the pasta. The artisan long drying time on wooden racks allows for slower fermentation, which results in fuller flavor of the pasta. After being carefully cooled to a stable temperature, the final premium quality artisan pasta is immediately packaged to preserve the treasured qualities that make this traditional pasta widely regarded as the best. For centuries, bronze die pastas with traditional drying methods have been widely regarded as the finest pastas and Maurizio Artisan Pasta is no exception.