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La Florentine Almond Torte
UPC 71403-05541

La Florentine now offers a larger 8.81oz Almond Torte in addition to its already loved 5.28oz Almond Bar.
  Anna Anellini Siciliani
UPC 70796-33072

A great addition to Anna's vast line of pastas. Anelllini siciliani is perfect for baking and soup or salad recipes. Cook time: 16-17min
Cento Organic Balsamic
Vinegar of Modena

UPC 70796-90076

Cento is proud to continue expanding its line of authenic organic products by now offering an organic balsamic vinegar.

•USDA Organic
•Balsamic Vinegar of Modena
•Product of Italy

  Anna Fusilli Corti Col Buco
UPC 70796-33035
Anna is proud to add Fusilli Corti Col Buco to its line of authentic durum wheat semolina pastas. Cooktime: 10-11min
Cento Organic
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

UPC 70796-60208

Cento Certified 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is first cold pressed from certified organically grown ripe olives, which contain no preservatives, solvents or chemical additives. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil utilizes farming methods without the use of chemical fertilizers. Our sustainable method results in a clean, vibrant-tasting oil.

Our first cold pressed process protects the oil’s powerful antioxidants and heart-healthy polyphenols. This process allows our olive oil to maintain the highest level of flavors and nutrients.

  Anna Pennine Rigate
UPC 70796-33042

Anna Pasta is pleased to announce a new pasta product, Pennine Rigate. This exciting new addition to Anna offers a authentic pasta shape that provide another option to make with your favorite entree and side dish. Pennine Rigate is a mini version of the traditional Penne Rigate. Anna Pennine Rigate is versatile and perfect with your favorite marinara, arrabiata and pesto sauces. It also makes a great choice when making your next pasta salad or side dish.

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