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Cento Gluten Free Panko
UPC 70796-90306

Cento Gluten Free Panko Bread Crumbs have crisp texture and flavor makes them perfect for breading. Try adding them to your salad for a nice crunch or as a topping on your favorite casserole recipe. A perfect choice for those living a gluten free lifestyle.
  Cento Robusto
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

UPC 70796-60206

Cento Robusto Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from olives that are picked and crushed at the optimum stage of maturity to ensure a full body and robust taste. Compared to other olive oils, its flavor is noticeably fruity.
Ferrara Pandoro
UPC 71403-00960
Pandoro (whose name means golden bread) traces its origins to Verona, a city forever romantically linked to Romeo and Juliet. Pandoro began around the 18th century when breads made with eggs, butter and sugar were quite rare, strictly reserved for nobility. With its special star-shaped mold, and tall stature, the sugar sprinkling on top was done to resemble the Italian Alps at Christmas time.
  Little Gina's
Italian Specialty Cake

UPC 70796-20020

In addition to the pizzelles you know and love, Little Gina's is now proud to offer a panettone that is just as delicious as you'd expect from Little Gina's.
La Florentine Capricci
Chocolate Tin

UPC 71403-05510
La Florentine Capricci Milk Chocolates, with the old world look of opera posters, these graphic tin designs are timeless reminders of Italy in days gone by.
  Bellino Panettone Tin
UPC 70796-21025

Our traditional panettone is now available in a Holiday tin. It makes the perfect gift for any Holiday occasion.

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