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Ferrara Retro Box Torrone
UPC 71403-00018
Our latest throwback packaging, paying tribute to the early years of Ferrara torrone. Inside are the same great individual torrone you know and love.
  Ferrara Chocolate
Torrone Miniatures

UPC 71403-00456
UPC 71403-00455
Two new additions to the Ferrara miniatures line, dark chocolate covered and chocolate torrone. Individually wrapped and ready for the holidays.
Ferrara Pistachio Torrone 18 pc
UPC 71403-00013
The same great pistachio torrone now available in an 18 piece gift box for you and your family.
  La Florentine Torrone
UPC 71403-05513
UPC 71403-05543
La Florentine is proud to intrduce an all new pistachio torrone to its line of decadent confections. An all new hazelnut & Almond torrone bar will be available as well.
Bellino Bruschette
UPC 70796-21141
UPC 70796-21140
UPC 70796-21148
Bruschette holds a historical place in Italian culture. In the old days of olive oil harvesting, after a day of picking the farmers would toast bread over the open fire and rub it with the season’s first pressing of oil and season it to taste.
  Bellino Crostini
UPC 70796-21130
UPC 70796-21132
UPC 70796-21131
"Crostini" is Italian for little toasts, the tasty base for serving a wide range of appetizers. Bellino starts with traditional Italian bread dough that is deeply kneaded, rolled thin and slow baked.
Anna Gluten Free Pasta
UPC 70796-37141
UPC 70796-37181
UPC 70796-37112
Anna has now released all new 8 ounce gluten free pastas. This line now includes spaghetti, penne rigate & elbows. Low in sodium and fat, these are the perfect choice for those living a gluten free lifestyle.
  Bellino Vongole
UPC 70796-21035

Our Bellino Vongole has an authentic taste, perfect for clam based recipes. Try it with Pasta Con Vongole.

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