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Cento's Commitment to Quality & Sustainable Seafood
Cento Tuna in Olive Oil

Cento Tuna continues to provide the excellent taste, quality and consistency which you have come to expect from our products over the past fifty years. Our tuna is caught in the Western Pacific Ocean, it is then cleaned and filleted consistent with the United States FDA Good Manufacturing Practices and guidelines in Asia. Due to a recent change in Federal law, the country where the fish are filleted now appears on each can.

The filleted fish loins are then imported to the United States. The loins are selected and graded for our proprietary recipe, the product is then canned and sterilized under all HACCP and FDA exacting standards. This process has been used by us for over fifty years and allows our quality control department to fully ensure and guarantee the quality of every single can.

Cento Tuna, from start to finish, is certified sustainable and of the highest quality available. We are committed to selecting the finest tuna loins, applying stringent requirements over and above the FDA requirements, and ensuring our tuna remains 100% environmentally friendly. Finally, our tuna is wild caught, and certified sustainable with complete traceability.

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