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Authentic Italian Products
Cooking begins with quality ingredients. Bellino Specialty Products offer a variety of items to suit any culinary need. Bellino's extra virgin olive oils and vinegars deliver the perfect combination to help refresh a salad. Minced garlic is a staple of Italian cooking, providing unmistakable taste to any dish. Bellino Marinated Roasted Peppers add a unique flavor to a sandwich or antipasto. No matter the occasion, Bellino Specialty Products yield great taste and superior quality.

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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Bellino Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% Italian and made from the first cold press. The USDA Organic seal ensures that the olives are made naturally and without the use of pesticides. Olive oil provides an excellent source of monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. Bellino Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has exceptional, smooth flavor and texture for salads, marinades, dipping for bread or to drizzle on a pasta dish.


Three main factors can diminish the flavor, color and overall quality of olive oil: Oxygen, Light & Heat

Make sure that the lid on the olive oil is firmly closed. This will ensure that oxygen does not get through to the olive oil when not in use

When olive oil is directly exposed to light, the antioxidants begin to break down. This is why Cento Extra Virgin Olive Oils are stored in green bottles. This preserves the color and protect the oil from light

Store the bottle of olive oil in a dark place such as a kitchen cabinet. DO NOT leave the bottle by a kitchen window

If olive oil is unprotected from high temperatures, over time, the flavor and aroma of the olive oil will begin to deteriorate

Olive oil should be placed in a cooler area. You should store it in a more temperature controlled area, such as a kitchen cabinet (much like you would if you were keeping it from being exposed by light)

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